Publisher Registration Requirements

Publisher Registration Requirements

* Registering as a Sara Network publisher requires an established website with original content and valid/organic traffic source. No spam or incentive traffic is acceptable. No traffic coming from pop-ups or pop-unders is acceptable. You can share links on social media, however the links’ titles and images must match the content of your landing pages.

* No Live-stream of sports competitions of any kind. Clips of European soccer matches are not allowed, same as any clips of copyrighted material are not allowed.

* Content used for video or display ads should be copyright-free. No intellectual property rights violations are allowed. Content must be family-friendly. No mature, violent or +18 content is allowed.

* Videos showing scenes of violence or torture against people or animals are prohibited. Any mature or sexually-related content is prohibited. Any video or written content which is not safe for children to read is also prohibited.

* Minimum traffic requirement: 10k page views per day.

* Content must be high/good quality, as in news articles and general info/ social entertainment news-like websites.